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2018 new products

New products MRI shielding doors

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MRI room shielding doors .


We start to produce MRI shielding door form April  2018.

This door will be on sale before 31st , July ,2018 。

If  any need, welcome to inquiry form us. 



OKM shielding door for MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging)

MRI door  is used for magnetic shielding of permanent magnet & superconducting nuclear magnetic resonance devices. It can prevents external electromagnetic field influence the normal work of MRI  , restraining the leakage of magnetic field generated by MRI, and affecting the work of external devices.

Shielding effectiveness: 10MHz ~100MHz ≥100db

Ground insulation : >3KΩ-10KΩ



Door Characteristic:

(1) Use 0.5mm copper plate & 0.5mm lead sheet , high conductivity, high shielding effectiveness. 

(2) Door  can be divided into assembling type and welding type.

 Easy install and easy to repair.

3, 0.5mm copper plate RF shielding layer, use the argon arc welding or brazing, 

high permeability magnetic shielding layer for steel plate

0.5mm lead sheet , X-ray proof 

4, Detachable beryllium copper reed between the gap of the door panel & door frame .

    Beryllium copper reed is easy to install and change .