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Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors 2
Sectional Garage Door
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Supply high-grade garage door, well manufactured.

1. Our doors adopt superior color coated steel plate as the surface parts. With different colors
optional, such as white-gray, pure white, sea-blue, red, wood-texture, etc.
2. The panels can be pressed into elegant decorative patterns, such as horizontal ribbed and 500 X
300mm raised panel shapes.
3. Internal of doors is filled with polyurethane foamed stuff, which can bring about the sound heat
isolation and sound damping effect and the enough intensity to the door panels.
4. Two kinds of thickness of the doors, 40mm and 50mm. We can also manufacture other
thicknesses for you. If you need any special, plz just tell us.
5. Three kinds of garage door structures, the High & low seam structure, convex &
concave structure and finger safe structure. For detailed pictures, plz see to the pages attached.
6. There are weather stripes between each panel, and panels are equipped with bottom weather
stripes, too.