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roller shutter (steel, aluminum ,PVC )

fire rated steel rolling door
Fire rated steel rolling door
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Suitable for:

1, industrial, commercial fireproof area. Like: warehouse, parking area, workhouse, shop, airport, etc.


2, Fireproof time: F3 standard, 180mins.

Testing temperature: 1100 degree.

Average spray water: less than 0.41m3 /(h . min)  (optional, only for water-sparying fireproof door)

Smoke detector control the water spraying system. Prevent misinformation effectively  

Meet the function of  wind resistant.


3, Material

Door shutter: 

Galvanized Steel: Double layer 0.5mm-0.9mm 

3hours fireproof take 0.8mm thickness steel.

Infilling: 10mm fireproof cotton.


4,Color: white, silver, cream, etc.


5, Working speed: 2.5-7m /mins


Electric control up & down, , automatic down to 1.5-1.8m when fire alarms. Then keep down to buttom.

Close time delay is 0s-180seconds .