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Automatic door system (sliding & swing )

OKM Door automatic
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superb door opener, automatic door.

1.Universality: It is suitable in office building, shop front gate, bank, workshop,
dining room, hotel, shopping center, laboratory, hospital etc.
maximum guarantee the people‘s safety . and cargo’s passing.
2. Reliability: It is appropriate for varied manage operation system.
3. Security: When the door is closing on, if meets problem: such as the obstacle Or
the human body and likes, the door reverse immediately.
4. Wise: The CPU could record recent obstacle position, in shutting down, when
meet obstacle, might reduce speed. detecting ahead of time guarantee
security. Energy-saving: The high quality design, ,outstanding
sound-insulated, the Heat insulation , the dustproof effect guarantee
lowest energy- consumption.
5. Artistry: We will achieve your wanted result according to your request such as
faces , shapes, the outward appearance, and likes:
6. Convenience: You can choose your own function such as open or close, lock or
unlock, the speed of door-open or door-close, varied parameter , the
needed time of door-open or door-close.
7. Tranquil: Special lubricative , reduced noise greatly with specialized designed
hoisting mechanisms hoop structure and device.