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Gate motor (swing gate / sliding gate)

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Gate Opener
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We supply gate opener with high quality for sliding or swing gate door.

Product features:
*The quickest- open gate opener in the world, 4-8s opening speed adjustable, 4 times quicker
than normal gate openers, reducing the waiting time for entry.
*The safest gate opener, built-in safety protection sensoring module against encountering
obstacles, also equipped with infrared safety beam detector, effectively prevent the gates from
colliding with pedestrian or vehicles...
*The most versatile gate opener, supporting access control system, building intercom system…
automatically open & close if activated by above external equipments.
*The smartest gate opener, adopting position sensor technology, even if stopped by obstacles, it
will cover the last memoryand re-open in the next operation to the 90° position.
*Intelligent opening & closing buffer action, makes the gate moving quick and safe.

.Single leaf and dual leaf standard doors.
.Gate single leaf width, max: 2200mm.
.Gate single leaf weight, max: 190kgs (415 lbs.)
*Self -lock on closure position.
*Fully adjustable operating parameters to suit specific applications, numerous control options.
*Excellent reliability, passed more than 2 million cycles durability tests